WM296 PLYCAP KNIFE 3/4" X 3/4"
Product Number: WM296
Product Description: WM296 PLYCAP KNIFE 3/4" X 3/4"
Plycap moldings is the wooden trim used on top the edge of wainscot.

Wainscot or wainscoting is wooden or other paneling applied to the lower 1.2 to 1.5 m of an interior wall, below the dado rail or chair rail and above the skirting board or baseboard. It is traditionally constructed from tongue-and-groove boards, though bead board or decorative panels (such as a wooden door might have) are also common. Wainscoting may also refer to other materials used in a similar fashion.

Its original purpose was to cover the lower part of walls which, in houses constructed with poor or nonexistent damp-proof courses, are often affected by rising dampness. Though some countries may impose building regulations for adequate damp-proofing, its purpose is now generally decorative.

Note a rabbet knife is needed to cut the back of the Plycap so it will fit over the wainscoting.

Woodmaster profile knives are manufactured to exact tolerances from 5/16-inch thick, M-2 High speed Tool Steel. Woodmaster knives are supplied with the proper gib and balance weights AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.


When ordering knives use the comment area provided to tell us the head you intend to mount the knife in. If you are using a machine other than a Woodmaster tell us what machine you have.

Knifes can be used :

In Planer Head
In 700S2 New High Production 2-Knife Molding Head
In 700C Single knife Holder
In Belsaw, RBI, Grizzly, Jet and William & Hussey machines. Please specify.
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