WM306 CASING KNIFE 11/16" X 2-1/4"
Product Number: WM306
Product Description: WM306 CASING KNIFE 11/16" X 2-1/4"
We recommend to relieve the back of this casing profile. To select the proper back relief knife see category (Back Knives) The rule of thumb for sizing back relief knives is the relief knife should be approximately ½ of the moldings width. Example a 3-inch wide casing will need a 1-1/2 inch back relief knife

When ordering knives use the comment area provided to tell us the head you intend to mount the knife in. If you are using a machine other than a Woodmaster tell us what machine you have.

Knifes can be used :
In Planer Head
In 700S2 New High Production 2-Knife Molding Head
In 700C Single knife Holder
In Machine other then Woodmaster please specify machine
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