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Product Description: TOP and BOTTOM KNIVES

Bar rail, crown and many of the larger cove and bed moldings require two separate passes to produce the finished pattern. Using a bottom knife enables the operator to power feed the stock thru the machine rather than making the bottom cut on his table saw or other machine.
When ordering knives you will notice we use a T after the order number to designate the top profile and a B after the order number to designate the back cut or bottom cut that usually is not seen but is needed to fit the mold to a wall.
When running moldings that require a bottom knife, you should run the bottom cut first so you have a flat surface to cut from. Then when you turn the board to make the top cut you still have a flat stable surface on the board resulting in better quality molding.

This item is for your instruction to aid you when ordering the verious knives that require a top and bottom cut.
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